Duties of a Lord-Lieutenant

The aims, aspirations and roles of the Lord Lieutenant


The aims of the Lieutenancy of Cumbria are to: 

  • provide a focus for County identity, unity and pride 
  • give a sense of stability 
  • recognise achievements, success and excellence 
  • promote service to others 

The Lieutenancy's aspiration is: 

  • to celebrate Cumbria, its unique history and culture, serve its communities - and contribute positively to its future

    The main roles of the post

    • to arrange visits of Members of the Royal family to Cumbria.
    • to represent HM The King in carrying out a variety of duties connected with the Armed Forces and presenting certain Honours, Medals and Awards (e.g. local presentation of CBE, OBE, MBE or BEM, The King's Award for Voluntary Service and The King's Award for Enterprise).
    • to encourage nominations for Honours, attendance at Buckingham Palace Garden Parties, and The King's Award for Voluntary Service.
    • to Support and promoting a wide range of local voluntary civic and social activity and supporting local businesses in particular to:  
    • act as a bridge builder between Cumbria businesses and Cumbria's charities. The Lord-Lieutenant is always delighted to hear from any business who would like to help the community particularly by helping in any way with the skills needed by Charities, including Marketing, I.T., P.R., Finance, Legal, etc.
    • to work with Local Authorities. the Cumbria Lieutenancy covers the whole county of Cumbria and works with all district and parish councils.
    • to be an Ambassador for Cumbria
    • a significant role of the Lieutenancy is to be an Ambassador for all things Cumbrian.
    • to promote the relevance of the Monarchy at the beginning of the 21st Century

    The Lieutenancy is the local representative of His Majesty The King and of the Royal family. As such, it underscores and promotes the monarchy's contribution to contemporary Britain.

    Map of Cumbria