Royal Visits

It is recommended that requests for visits by members of the Royal Family are made through the Lord-Lieutenant.

Background information on the proposed event or organisation should be submitted at the earliest opportunity, along with a brief description of the reason for the request and the time period during which a visit would be appropriate. When making a request please bear in mind that for official openings and ceremonial events involving the Royal Family these are easier to manage when projects are complete (e.g. half complete building sites would not be ideal or appropriate).

It must be stressed that the Royal Family receives many more requests for visits than they are able to undertake and therefore success cannot be guaranteed.

Each household will hold diary planning meetings when bids received will be considered. These can be held sometimes up to 9 months in advance of the month in which a visit is requested.

No publicity at all should be given to the fact that an invitation has been extended to a Royal visitor. Even when accepted an engagement remains entirely confidential until a date is decided by the Royal visitor's private secretary who handles the publicity. The announcement takes the form of a short factual statement on the Buckingham Palace website.

The assistant clerk will advise on timescales for individual households.

The assistant clerk to the Lieutenancy, to whom all initial enquiries are to be made, is: 


Mrs Nicola Harrison

Assistant Clerk to the Lieutenancy

Cumbria Lieutenancy Office

107-117 Botchergate




Telephone: 01228 221722

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